Thursday, December 17, 2009

Badass blog alert!

Stephanie of is now Stephanie Formerly of This saddened me for about half a minute, because her posts really galvanized me to explore my veganism in a broader sense and eventually launch this here blog. Then I realized that she has started her own superblog with some of my other favorite bloggers! It’s a happy day for mouthy vegans everywhere!

Animal Rights & AntiOppression (which Microsoft Word ironically wants to change to “Ant Oppression”) promises to be a large creative space where crazy lefty thinking can bubble over and infuriate those who still believe that animals are ours to use however we like. I’m especially thrilled by the broader focus on other oppressions as well—everything is interconnected! I think that animal rights advocates sometimes feels constrained because there’s not always room for them in other activist clubhouses, even though they may share overlapping goals. For example, I’d feel uncomfortable going to a feminist meeting where meat and cheese were served, because female animals are brutalized and exploited for their bodies and secretions. Try and unpack that, though, and you get chastised for even daring to compare women and animals, or suggesting that advocating for the rights of one does not require trampling the dignity of the other. (There is an interesting post about this on, I think, Feministing, and it led to quite the lengthy comment string, but damn if I haven’t just spent the last half-hour trying to find it.) The same goes for suggesting to environmentalists that eating fewer animal products (or none at all) would go a long way towards solving our energy and climate crises. Al Gore, sack up and go vegan already!

Ahem. So, yes, I am very excited about Animal Rights & AntiOppression. Blog long and prosper, Stephanie and Co.!

Mr. Spock is excited, too.


  1. YAYAYAY! I'm SO excited about her new blog, too! She was the only reason I went to - she is an absolutely brilliant writer, my favorite AR blogger of ALL TIME! Her work is so touching and powerful but down to earth and accessible at the same time. Definitely's loss!

    YES! About the feminist/vegan thing. I get A LOT of shit when I tell people that I think to be a feminist you need to be a vegan. (And vice versa!) Animal agriculture is built on the backs of mothers and the exploitation of their reproductive cycle....and yet, every feminist meeting/gathering I've ever been to was definitely NOT vegan. Fabulous point, thanks for making it.

    I can't wait to read more of her awesome new blog!

  2. You guys are like my own personal self-esteem machine. ;)

  3. Aw, thank you! We need more speaking truth to power. I can't wait to see where the new blog goes. Rave on!