Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Save the bulls, save the world.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't have the same ring it does on Heroes. Still, if anything can save the world, it’s compassion, and these three handsome boys sure need some. Molly at It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life alerted me to the fundraising campaign over at This Is It! Creations, an eco-friendly shop full of lovely handmade items. The bulls graze on their land in Oregon, and their owner plans to send them to slaughter. He’s given Jodi and her husband until February 13th—that’s this Saturday—to scrape together the $3600 he’s asking for them.

Their names are Pooka Cow, Spotty Friend, and Less Spotty Friend. They would like it very much if you'd help save them.

Obviously, that’s a lot of money, but how do you put a price on a life? This Is It! Creations is a member of Vegan Etsy, and several awesome shops are donating all or part of their sales through Saturday to saving these bulls. Jodi’s first post about the bulls is here, and a subsequent post lists all the Etsy shops joining the effort. They’re already halfway to having enough money, but they’ve only got three more days! This is a super way to stock up on presents for loved ones or yourself, especially with Valentine’s Day this weekend. I’ve been snowed in almost all week and my credit card is starting to feel it! Of course, you can donate directly too. Every little bit helps. Give the ultimate Valentine’s gift and have a heart for these guys. They’d give you sweet cow kisses if they could.


  1. Wowza, is that a lot of money. I've always wondered how much full-grown (well, fully fattened) cows "go for" when sold for slaughter. Now I know. Ugh.

    Then again, if you break it down, what we're really talking about is $1200 per animal; $1200 per life. And pricing a life at $1200 - well, that's downright insulting.

    Hmmm, I wonder if I can find some baked vegan goods for sale? :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm so happy that so many wonderful people have come together and helped us through donating and getting the word out. There are still 3 hours left to get some goodies from our shop - 100% goes to the cows today! We're getting there - let's save some lives! :) Jodi

  3. I really hope that the money can be raised in time. Thank you so much for posting about this!

  4. Thanks for posting this, Shannon. Cows are such extraordinary beings. Someone at SASHA Farm wrote today about one of their cows passing away and how deeply the other cows mourn. They stood around the recently deceased cow and nuzzled him for hours, softly mooing. The "softly mooing" part got to me the most. What soulful creatures...