Monday, June 6, 2011

Stoner salad, fit for a Burnout.

Recently, I made the yummiest thing, courtesy of the most adorable new blog:

That is Mango Quinoa Salad, and it is from The Vegan Stoner, surely the cutest website that does not include photos of baby animals. Seriously, take a peek at the little labels on the drawings! It’s like a scavenger hunt of whimsy.

[Just a note: Before you go making all sorts of punny observations about the stoner-burnout thing, kind of like I did right at the top of this post, let me state for the record that I’m not that kind of burnout. Not that I care if you are, or if your neighbor is, just saying. We’re all adults here. Like I need help getting the munchies, anyway.]

So! This salad! Once I saw the picture, I knew I had to make it. “Handful of quinoa” was a little vague for me, since in my experience, proportions actually matter when cooking grains, so I went with a half-cup. This was a good call. Also, I am not usually into celery and raw onions, even in salad and even when they’re red onions, which are pretty much the most inoffensive member of the onion clan. But I sucked it up and diced those babies, tried not to eat all the mango and strawberries before I could get the salad together, and broke out the mixing bowl. Let me tell you that the celery and onions are a perfect vegetable counterpoint to the sweetness of the fruit, so you shouldn’t skip them, even if, like me, you’re weird about certain veggies. Curry and a sprinkle of salt is all the seasoning you need, although I did add a drizzle of olive oil because it’s healthy and delicious. And with that, The Vegan Stoner has my loyalty, because this is the perfect summery salad.

Well played, Vegan Stoner. Well and deliciously played.

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  1. sounds like a perfect summer meal!