Monday, August 1, 2011

CSA Weeks 5-7: We ate some food.

Like I told you last time, I forgot to take a picture of Week 5’s veggies, but I do know that we got kale, and that Red once again made Adam’s Kale Salad with it. I remember this mostly because he hit the Bragg’s a little too hard while whipping up the dressing, so it was a touch salty. Mouth-puckeringly so. Still, it was kale. Salty, overdressed kale beats no kale any day of the week.

God only knows what else we had that week. Whatever it was, we ate it and it was good.

Here’s Week 6, which should look beautiful to you after the picture-free-fabulousness of Week 5:

The red lettuce, peppers, and onions came from One Straw, and I’m pretty sure the tomatoes did too. Those were great tomatoes, and I am not a tomato-lover. We made many a tasty sandwich with them. We ate a lot of hummus with those peppers, too. It’s been too damn hot to turn the stove on very often, I tell you what.

More Lodi apples. Mmmm. I think. They could be Pristines, about which I will tell you in a minute. And don’t those peaches look amazing? They were, but the bastards wouldn’t slice. I could not split one in half to save my life. The halves simply would not twist apart. It made for some messy peach-eating.

Here’s Week 7:

Corn! Glorious corn! Red and I love local corn, and this was the first week that One Straw had it. There’s no picture, because we just boiled it and ate it, like you do. Rest assured, it was delicious, and I flossed after. We also picked up the lettuce, garlic, and onions at One Straw.

You see those tiny little two-bite apples? They are everywhere recently, like Lodi apples 2.0. They are called Pristines, and they are very small and green. We tend to buy twice as many, because we estimate that two of them equal one regular-sized apple. I find their size kind of annoying actually, because I could easily chomp right through one if I wasn’t paying attention. Still, they’re tasty.

Lots of greens! My mom wanted some mesclun greens, but not a whole lot, so we split a bag. It feels so fun to eat flowers, doesn’t it? So I made a couple small salads that I didn’t bother photographing, but they did the job. We still have some spinach, and it is delicious. Mmmmm, baby spinach. The only kind of baby to eat. (Okay, baby corn counts too.)

Though not strictly CSA-inclusive, here is a pizza we made with zucchini a friend gave me:

Red was inspired by this Vegansaurus pic, and I am so glad, because it was delicious. We already had the zukes and the artichoke hearts, so we scored some Daiya and a crust and went to town. Zucchini pizza FTW.

Did I tell you we got an ice cream maker? Hooooo boy, when I get some time to write that up, you’re gonna drool like whoa. For now, content yourselves with Fuck Yeah Vegan Ice Cream.


  1. Great produce haul! The pizza looks & sounds fantastic and I'll be looking forward to seeing your creations with the ice cream maker.

  2. I bet those were "cling" peaches. Those cling to the pit, so they won't slice neatly. They are best eaten out of hand, I think, if you don't mind juice runnning down your chin.

  3. CLING peaches! Ah, totally truth in advertising. Thanks for the tip, Cheryl!

  4. All that stuff looks so perfect! Summer! I had the best cantaloupe of the year last night and the peaches have been fabulous. Please don't convince me that I need an ice cream maker, I want one soooo bad already!