Monday, November 21, 2011


You guys,

I love you so much and I really wanted to get up a Thanksgiving with the Turkeys post today, but it is not happening. I have a plane to catch tomorrow morning and tonight I have a date with Mr. Gary Oldman. I am maybe exaggerating a little about that, but Red and I have tickets to an advance screening of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy at the AFI and Mr. Oldman is scheduled to be there so we are understandably just a little bit fucking stoked. I am totally not going to fangirl out over him if we should perchance to meet him, but I am really torn as to whether I like him more as Sid Vicious or Sirius Black. I think I’m leaning towards Sid. Discuss.

(We can then discuss my passion for his TTSS costar Benedict Cumberbatch. My mother thinks I have a screw loose but she has a mug that declares she’s saving herself for Tom Selleck, so I think the loose screw is a genetic problem.)

BACK ON TRACK, BURNOUT. Thanksgiving with the Turkeys was wonderful as always—Poplar Spring is, as I’ve said before, the happiest place on Earth, that Disney shit be damned. Red and I ate a bunch of delicious food, hung out with the lovely Deb, drove past the most ostentatiously grotesque house ever (or at least outside of California, where I imagine they have the market cornered on that sort of thing), and in general had an awesome time talking to people and meeting animals. After Thanksgiving, which will be spent in the bosom of family at my sister’s new place in North Carolina (re-read this if you want to see me drinking White Russians and making Big Lebowski jokes), I promise to do a full recap and catch up on the million other posts I owe you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and let your vegan freak flags fly.

love and snuggles,


  1. Have a wonderfully happy incredible Thanksgiving!

  2. OMFG ADVANCE SCREENING! Lucky! Jealous!! Have fun love! Happy T-day and good luck surviving the insanity of the impending consumerist weekend from hell. Stay inside and snuggle! xo