Friday, April 13, 2012

Slinking back into the sunlight….


How’d that happen?

Truly, I’m not sure how I’ve neglected my poor little blog for over four months. Even worse, I’ve neglected you, darling readers. I would offer amusing pictures of animals talking in all-caps and beg for forgiveness, but I don’t deserve it.

The worst part is…

I kind of didn’t miss blogging.

There. I said it. I got swept up in holiday silliness (and seriousness), enjoyed not having to remember to take pictures of my food, and just plain slacked off. No major crisis precipitated any of this; I just let life get the better of me. I had yoga trainings and work trainings and my blog reader kept filling up and overwhelming me and then my favorite coworker left (that lucky bastard) so I had his work to do too and I just got so tired. So tie-tie, even. I think I spent whole days mindlessly playing Bejeweled.

And then I started feeling like I didn’t really have anything to add to the conversation anymore, since my photos generally blow (and isn’t that what people come to food blogs for?) and the vegan blogosphere has totally expanded to include, like, three unknown galaxies of awesomeness. I mean, I know my awesomeness is its very own inimitable brand, but even the knowledge of my own special-snowflake specialness wasn’t enough to drag me back to the keyboard.

But I’m here now.

I’m not promising to be Super Blogger Girl. I might flake out on you again.

But I am going to honest-to-Goddess try to get myself back on a regular posting schedule.

First up: Red’s and my adventures in San Francisco. It wasn’t warm, it wasn’t sunny, but it was sure as hell delicious.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me doing yoga. My hair’s not pink at the moment, but don’t worry, it will be again. Or maybe blue or green.

I love you all like whoa.


  1. Love this post! Welcome back for as much as you care to be here.

  2. that is an awesome wheel!! :)
    So glad you're back- but totally understand what you're saying. I hear it's fairly common and called 'blogger burnout' (teehee). I am also fighting this burnout.... so i hear ya.

  3. Yay! Look forward to your posts. Sometimes I feel too busy living my life to then sit down and blog about it. Ya gotta sleep! And yes, sometimes I just don't feel like it. Hope you 'feel like it' a lot. :-)