Monday, August 16, 2010

A very Burnout birthday.

So, I know this is a month-plus late, but it is never too late to wish me a happy birthday, in case you’re so inclined.

Since we were leaving for Chicago a few days later, Red and I decided to keep my birthday observances simple. We headed to Great Sage for lunch, and if you are in the tri-state area and have not yet experienced Great Sage, clear your calendar and do it. When it was vegan-friendly, it was great; since going completely vegan in January, it has become amazing. It’s part of a little eco-friendly cluster of stores called Conscious Corner, which I think is cute. Roots is a natural-organic market, Bark! has pet food and toys, and Nest has all the pretty things you wish you could fit in your house. Theoretically, you could probably find everything you need at Conscious Corner. It would be expensive, but you could do it.

Now, on to the amazing.

Because we are pretzel fiends, we started with a soft pretzel. There was only one, but we shared it. It came with three yummy dipping sauces: hummus, honey mustard, and chili cheese. We ate it too fast for me to get a picture, but it was a pretzel, y’all. You can handle it.

While we were nomming our pretzel, we were entertained by the couple next to us. They reminded me of my parents. The lady half of the couple chilled out and pondered the menu, while her dude wrinkled his brow and fretted over the rabbit food on offer. He spent a few minutes trying to work out what “Daiya” was (I hope he wasn’t too disappointed), and by that time I felt bad for him and whispered to Red that maybe we should give him a hand, since his missus either didn’t care or was just as confused but not showing it. But we didn’t want to embarrass him, so we judged it kinder to let him fumble through on his own. Hope you survived, omni-man.

I spent quite a lot of time deciding what to have for lunch. Since I was feeling adventurous, I ordered the Southwest Ranch “Bacon” Wrap, which sweet fancy Moses did not disappoint. I don’t know what it was—the tempeh bacon, maybe—but everything in this wrap was in perfect harmony. It took an act of great will to avoid snarfing the second half, but we wanted to order dessert, so I restrained myself.

I think Red had the Grilled Reuben, as he is prone to having a Reuben whenever the opportunity presents itself. I didn’t photograph it, but trust me, it was a thing of beauty.

As you surely know, the most important part of any birthday meal is dessert. Usually I don’t have a lot of room for dessert, but I was determined to indulge. The dessert selection was big enough to have some variety, but small enough to not be overwhelming. After some haggling over who would order what (because we couldn’t order the same thing, as that would be boring), Red ordered the Strawberry Shortcake and I tackled the Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream. It was coconut-milk ice cream, too, so you know it was badass. Just take a look:

I am lucky, because Red does not share my addiction to things chocolate. Unluckily for him, I love strawberries almost as much as he does, so he had to guard his shortcake carefully. Sweet man that he is, though, he let me have a taste. It was fantastic, but not as fantastic as the cake. It was like a dense little pot of heaven. Happy-mouth, happy-tummy heaven. But too much of a good thing is sometimes just too much, because try as I might, I only got about three-quarters of the way through before I had to concede defeat. You bested me, Chocolate Lava Cake, with the aid of your BFF Southwest Wrap. Next time, I’ll skip lunch and eat all of you.

It was a happy birthday, indeed.


  1. I had the Turkey club that had bacon and mayo - no bunnies allowed of course. it was delicious and almost exactly like a turkey club.

  2. Balls, I knew I'd get it wrong. Thanks, dude.

  3. Sounds like an awesome birthday! I'm tempted to drive the few hours south just to eat there. Yum!


    I want to go to the Conscious Corner! What a fun place to eat, hang out, and shop!

    HOLY GOD that Southwest Wrap looks like a miracle on a plate. I want 10 RIGHT NOW. I'm all sweaty just thinking about it.

    Chocolate lava cake....CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE!?!?! 3 more beautiful words have never been spoken. I want to go to there.

  5. Happy Birthday! I love the Great Sage and will be celebrating there on Monday the 23rd, since one of their raw fod dinners coincides with the end of my semester and the end of a huge festival project for me.

    But now I want that lava cake ...

  6. Thanks and congratulations, Buddy! Maybe you'll post about your Great Sage celebration. I hope to make it to one of the raw food evenings--they look so delicious!

  7. Happy belated birthday! Does that mean you have a July birthday? If so, you're a fellow Cancer. Are vegan burnouts into that kinda stuff?

  8. I am indeed a moonchild! This burnout is *very* into that kinda stuff! :) (Taurus rising and Aquarius moon, which means I'm a stubborn, emotional flake, haha.)

  9. that looks soooo good. Happy belated!

  10. Happy belated birthday! I just discovered your blog on happyveganface's blogroll and I'm stoked to have found a East Coast blogger and a Maryland blogger at that!

    Great Sage is definitely awesome stuff. The Sunday brunch is delicious! A lot of my friends got their first high school jobs working at Roots and I'd frequently swing by during their lunch breaks. It's a great little place, one of my fav's even in the omni days :)