Thursday, August 20, 2009

My husband outed me as a good influence.

It's official. My dark reign of burnt-out terror is over. Even worse, he made me sound like a saint. Oh, strike me dead now, before I’m revealed as a complete and utter fraud.

Go read his blog. G’head, it’s okay (as long as you come back). It was our blog, but we never bothered to update it, so I started this one. That seemed to flip his blogging switch, and he got to posting. Which is fabulous, except when he credits me with saying things like, “Of course I want a cheeseburger sometimes, but I stand on my principles and resist temptation.” *blushes fiercely*

Did I actually say something that inane? He maintains I did, so it’s probably true. Not gonna lie: burgers smell good. So does pretty much anything else on a grill, and bacon. Yes, BACON. What else can you think of that smells as awesome as bacon? I thought so. And yeah, I miss it sometimes. Burgers and hot dogs can be faked with reliable vegan precision, but there is not yet a suitable replacement for bacon.

I gave it up anyway. You might say that there is a tiny, bacon-shaped hole in my subconscious.

Ironically, it is this occasional-but-still-craven desire that lends my convictions greater credence with my husband. (Aside: For blog purposes, I think I’ll start calling him Red House. Or maybe just Red. Like Hellboy.) I could hop up on a soapbox and declare that meat smells foul, that I will never again think longingly of dead animal flesh roasted or grilled to perfection. But I’d be a liar. I used to relish steak, and omelets, and milkshakes—and yes, bacon. When I decided that I wouldn’t eat them anymore, I didn’t automatically shut off that part of my brain that remembered them as tasty. That’s part of what makes us human: recognizing that something is desirable, but avoiding it anyway.

In one of his VegNews columns, Dan Piraro offered a list of responses to the reasons people frequently give for dismissing veganism. “Oh, I couldn’t possibly give up meat,” is a favorite excuse. His comeback? “Yeah, I used to feel the same way about high-school cheerleaders.” ZING!

Bottom line: It’s a one-day-at-a-time sort of thing. Every morning, I wake up and re-commit to compassion. Some days it’s easier than others (nibbling stale rolls and limp, overcooked vegetables at wedding receptions is super), but luckily, the days add up.


  1. Glad to find your blog - I feel the same way about Bacon, it's like a family member that is gone now, great memories....

    ANYWAY... I can't find the Dan Piraro article, do you have a direct link? I'd be interested in having a few zingers like that in my back pocket.

  2. Hi Kate--I think his column is only in the print version of the magazine. I've got it at home somewhere, so I'll check it out and let you know. Thanks!

  3. Red or Red House will do. I have always wanted to go by the nickname "Red".

  4. P.S. This is an awesome blog post.

  5. Kate,

    It's his "Plant-Based Piraro" column from the December 2008 issue. The whole thing is not witty comebacks, but the 2 examples he gives are:

    "I could never give up meat."
    "I feel the same way about high-school cheerleaders."


    "God gave us the animals to eat. If we turn them down, we would be refusing a gift from God."
    "Exactly why I support repealing child-labor laws. What else are those energetic varmints good for?"

    Hope you get some use out of them. Glad to have you here!