Monday, August 24, 2009

PETA scraps billboard, still sucks.

UPDATE! For an activist's-eye view of the protest that greeted Ingrid Newkirk's appearance in Portland, check out ERFette's powerful blog:

Standing Up to Fat Phobia, PETA Style
Standing Up to Fat Phobia, PETA Style: Chapter 2

It's heartbreaking, ballsy stuff. I dare you to read it and then tell me you're still convinced of Newkirk's and PETA's compassion.


Dear PETA,

Nice try. You think replacing that heinous "Save the Whales" billboard with some self-referential nonsense about vegetarians losing weight is gonna get you back into my pants (or my in-box)? Well, suck it. I can guaran-goddamn-tee you that no one who saw that thing, either in person or through the almighty power of the Internet, said two words about animal rights or veganism. You talk shit about stirring things up and bemoan the fact that some people felt the need to "shoot the messenger," but now you're patting yourselves on the back about all the positive feedback you've gotten from people pledging to take your 30-day vegan challenge. And yet? What's that I hear? An apology for your crass fat-hating, woman-hating tactics? Nope. Must be my imagination.

fuck off for good,

P.S. Stephanie over at's Animal Rights blog thinks you suck too, but she's more eloquent about it than I am.

Badass billboard by Kelly of

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