Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh my God, PETA.

That’s it. I’m breaking up with you. You’ve seen this coming for a while—too many Lettuce Ladies and not enough substance. The sea kittens were groovy, but it’ll take more than that to win me back. Lately, your track record has been abysmal. Euthanize the Vick dogs? Man, you had to eat that one. General wingnuttery? I’ve had all I can take. I admit I’ve found you a useful resource before, even tolerated the sexist bullshit (which is far from a rare occurrence), but now I’m done. Really and fucking truly. Take your return address labels and leave.

NO. That is NOT cool. That’s exactly the kind of sexist, sizeist, left-fucking-field idiocy that has alienated many compassionate, thinking people from your corner of the activism world. Do you think we’re not smart enough to respond to subtler campaigns? I’m not saying you should be all warm and fuzzy about it, because God knows I’m not, but there’s a line between shocking people into awareness and so crudely assaulting them that they dismiss you out of hand. That line’s pretty damn wide, and you marched right over it. The sad part is, you also marched over a whole lot of people who might have taken a closer look at animal rights and veganism had you only thought to temper your approach.


  1. um, wow. that's all I can say.

  2. Great to discover your blog, Vegan Burnout, and thanks for writing about this. Sadly, this is VERY consistent with their "anything goes" approach to advocating veganism. Gah! PETA really pisses me off. I'm writing something about this that I will be posting later. Great blog!

  3. Looking forward to it, Marla! Keep on agitating! :)

  4. I've been disgusted with PETA since I first became Vegan and over the years they have just gotten worse. I HATE that as soon as people here that I am a vegan or an AR activist they tell me how much they don't like PETA. Newsflash: PETA does not have a monopoly on the AR community! In fact, in my opinion, anyone who is serious about AR has distanced themselves from PETA and their racist/sexist/pointless tactics long ago.

    Good post, great blog.