Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CSA Week 18: Spinach + arugula = BFF.

Programming note: Microsoft Word does not recognize “arugula” as a word. WTF, Bill Gates & Co.?

Anyway, here’s our Week 18 haul:

PSYCH! (Remember that?!) For real though, this is it:

If not for that butternut squash, it would have been monochromatic indeed.

You’ll notice the absence of lettuce. It was indeed available for pickup, but Red judiciously left it behind, given our track record with it. Hopefully someone else enjoyed our forsaken lettuce.

The spinach and arugula were definitely the stars this week. We made 30-Minute Vegan’s Pasta Florentine, which only calls for spinach, but the arugula was a welcome addition. This was easy and creamy and very tasty. One note: We should have washed our greens a bit more thoroughly, as some mouthfuls were kind of gritty. Oops. Also oops: I forgot to take a picture.

Bok choy made an appearance again this week, and once again helped create a yummy stir-fry with broccoli and tofu. We recruited Week 19’s broccoli, because heaven knows you can never have too much broccoli. I don’t know what went into the sauce we used, because Red has been improvising our stir-fry sauces and doing a fabulous job of it!

Is this or is this not the ugliest stir-fry you have ever seen?

We had a lovely butternut squash, and roasted it with Week 19’s sweet potatoes. Those two things together in a baking dish with some olive oil and salt and pepper? Awesome and comforting on a chilly fall night. Highly recommended. I’ll have a picture of that for you in Week 19’s post.

Ah, cilantro. I don’t like you. I think you taste gross, but I can’t describe the precise type of gross. Just weird and gross and I wish you tasted better, or that I liked you, because the rest of the world thinks you are Mother Nature’s gift to Mexican food. But my husband likes you, so he put you in the chopper, stuffed you in a baggie, and stowed you in the freezer.

Well, this was kind of a short roundup, wasn’t it? Never fear, I’ll have Week 19 for you soon!


  1. Haha! You are too silly and Bill Gates is a fool. :)

  2. I haven't heard 'psych' in so long! lol

    I, too, am not at all a fan of cilantro. If I can even taste it a little bit, I can't stomach it. Blech.