Thursday, October 7, 2010

What’s better than cake?

Free cake! That’s what Red and I had this weekend, courtesy of the lovely Tamara at Brunie’s Bakery. Tamara made our wedding cake and our wedding reception desserts (cake plus bite-sized goodies), and because she is wonderful, she offered us a complimentary mini anniversary cake. On Friday, I brought home the sweetest little Chocolate Peanut Butter Awesome cake.

Let me say that I have never had a bad dessert from Brunie’s. They’re all vegan, and they’re all delicious. That said, I think the Chocolate Peanut Butter Awesome may be my favorite. I really liked our wedding cake, too (Strawberries and Cream with chocolate ganache), so that’s saying something.

Gluttonous though we may be when cake is involved, Red and I decided to make Mr. Chocolate Peanut Butter Awesome last for more than one evening, so we divided him into six pieces—three for each of us. Also, I can’t believe I just anthropomorphized my anniversary cake. Lucky for me, my husband likes being married to a lunatic. Anyway, six pieces was definitely the right move, because the cake was so rich that four pieces would have been suicidal. The cake itself was light and the peanut butter filling was just salty enough. Tamara had told me that Chocolate Peanut Butter Awesome is a favorite of most of her clients, and now I see why. My own attempts at chocolate ganache and peanut-butter caramel have been fumbling in the extreme, so whatever she’s doing, it’s perfect. Amazingly, our willpower held out, and the cake lasted the entire weekend. It was a sweet anniversary gift indeed.

Thanks, Tamara!

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  1. wow- very fun!!!! yummy free cake for your anniversary. :)

    Happy Wedding Anniversary!!