Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In which I pwn teh interwebz.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate slightly. But La Burnout and her man do get a little blogular love from Animal Rights & AntiOppression, which is one of my very favorite websites. The divine Deb, who hung out with us at Poplar Spring last weekend, was so intrigued about Open the Cages Alliance’s Vegan Pledge Program that she asked to interview me and Red for AR&AO! We couldn’t accept fast enough.

My half of the interview is here, and Red’s is here. I loved thinking about Deb’s questions and putting my experience with the VPP into words (and not only the mumbly, made-up words I use at home). While you’re over there, spend a little time browsing AR&AO’s other articles. A smarter, more compassionate group of writers I have never found, and their commitment to combating injustice in all its forms is a breath of fresh air in the progressive blogosphere. I’m thrilled to be in such august company. Thank you, Deb and AR&AO!


  1. Great article. I know what you mean about seeming weird to friends and family who don't get it or think you've joined a "cult." Would be nice to be around others of like mind.

  2. Thanks, Karen! Is there not much of a veg scene where you live in BC? I hear Vancouver is good, but Google tells me you're nearly 6 hours from there! Yikes! BTW, your paintings are beautiful.

  3. Wow, thanks for all of the kind words! I've never been called divine before, so I'm going to bask in that for a few minutes. :)

    Thanks again for being willing to take the time, and to make my interview questions look so good! You are awesome, both of you!

    And thanks also on behalf of my fellow co-bloggers at AR&AO!