Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Jasmine, loved forever.

I’m typing through tears as my heart breaks over the loss of Sweet Jasmine. She wasn’t my pup, but she lived with one of the founders of Recycled Love, the rescue that brought us together with Lucy. Jasmine was a Vick dog, so terrified and scarred she had to be carried outside to pee. It’s hard to overstate how traumatized she was after her rescue, so please read this Sports Illustrated article. Jasmine’s their cover dog. You’ll understand.

Sweet, sweet girl. She and her family lived not too far from us, and I like to think we could have met her. I think Lucy may have been too rambunctious for Jasmine, who loved to snuggle with her human mom, Catalina. Still, I was happy knowing that Jasmine had a loving home, that one of my neighbors had opened her heart to one of Michael Vick’s misused, unloved dogs. In my city, so ravaged by dogfighting, Jasmine’s rehabilitation was a glimmer of hope. Jasmine was truly loved, and died suddenly last month after being hit by a car. That doesn’t make it easier. She was a young dog, and had many years of naps and treats and tummy rubs and rolls in the grass ahead of her.

Catalina, I’m sending much love to you and your family, human and canine. I can’t say or do anything to make it better, but I stand with you in your sadness. May your memories of Jasmine bring you joy, and may her legacy be one of love and compassion for all.


  1. Oh, how sad :( Catalina and her family must be devastated. I hadn't read the SI article, so thanks for posting this.

    I know nothing about dog fighting, so it was horrible to read about the way these animals lived. I can't fathom how any human can take pleasure in watching dogs maul one another.

    How awesome that so many of those dogs were saved! Shame on PETA for wanting to put them down. Just another reason to dislike the organization (as if there weren't enough reasons already!)

    BTW, I'm a fellow 21-day Kickstarter at PCRM. That's how I came across your blog. I'm enjoying your writing -- keep up the good work!

  2. Welcome, Kristie, and thanks for commenting. I'm hopeful that the more people learn about Jasmine, the more compassionately they'll treat all animals. I hope you're enjoying the Kickstart! Feel free to let me know if you need recipes, support, or anything else.