Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vegan dog love.

One of things that’s pleasantly surprised me about this whole blogging thing is how welcoming and supportive fellow bloggers have been. The Internet is a whacked-out place, sort of like Vegas on acid. Truly, weirdness abounds. And yet, I have been greeted with delicious vegan love.

< /end sappiness>

Have you experienced the canine awesomeness that is It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life? No, you say? Why not? You don’t have a dog? Who cares? Bop on over there anyway. There is witty writing, tasty dog-treat recipes (that are suitable for humans!), rad giveaways, and dog pictures. What else could you want? (Duh, there are cat pictures too.) I’ve been following Emma’s and Rowan’s exploits for a short while, and they’ve inspired me to try and veganize my own sweet pooch. I don’t know if I have the energy to bake for them as much as their mom does, though!

I’ve also been lucky enough to win a handful of animal-rights buttons! Yay! I love buttons! I’ve already started adding them to my purse. I’d tack them onto my work bag, too, but that’s getting a hole in it, so I think I’ll have to switch to a new bag soon. Everyone likes buttons. They’re portable and don’t have the scary commitment factor of, say, bumper stickers. They’re an easy way to broadcast your message without being too in-your-face about it. Of course, in-your-face buttons can certainly be had, but these are cute without being militant. For real, three have puppies on them!

Huge thanks to Molly (and Emma and Rowan!) for providing such a needed resource…and place to look at goofy dog photos. As soon as Lucy’s vegan, look for her on It’s a Vegan Dog’s World!


  1. Where has your blog been my whole life!!?!? I love it! Those buttons are adorable, and wearing AR/vegan buttons and shirts is one of my favorite ways to strike up a conversation with someone about one of my very favorite topics. :-)

  2. Thanks! Your blog is so interesting--I would love to travel to the Middle East one day. Love your recipes!

  3. I've tagged basically every recipe @ IAVDL for future use - even bought some mini-muffin pans especially for them.

    If you enjoy cooking/baking for your dog-friends, you might also like yummyfordogs.org. There's a cookbook for sale through Lulu, but I think all the recipes are also available for free online. There's a recipe for ganache cake, even! Now if only I could find some carob powder...