Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's wrong with eggs?

Feeling pretty aggro this evening, kids. I wanted to write about this while my blood was up, but I didn't. Maybe I was afraid of offending someone. Maybe you won't watch this. But if you do, I defy you to tell me that you think eggs are part of a humane diet.

That is what you're condoning if you eat eggs. Your money sends millions of male chicks into industrial grinders. It sends their sisters to brutally short lives, crammed into cages and laying more eggs than their bodies can handle until they too are sent to slaughter. Because, yeah, where do think laying hens go when they're "spent"? Hen retirement communities? Please. The whole disgusting web is interconnected. There's no such thing as a cruelty-free animal product.

I know it's hard to kick the egg habit. Even harder still is avoiding packaged foods made with eggs. But it can be done. I usually just skip to the bottom of the ingredients list, where the allergens are disclosed. If eggs are in there, they'll be listed right alongside nuts and dairy and wheat and whatever else. Vote with your money. If it's got eggs in it, just don't buy it. You'll live, I promise.

This afternoon I received my weekly email horoscope from Rob Brezsny. I recommend him and his book Pronoia. I'm a Cancer, and yes, I can be crabby. He says:
I have tuned in to your yearning for resolution, O Seeker. I know that your heart fervently wants the riddles to run their course, the mysteries to be revealed, the uncertainties to be quelled. And I have ransacked my imagination in search of what consolation I might provide to appease your quest for neat, simple truths. But what I have concluded, O In-Between One, is that any solutions I might try to offer you would not only be fake, but also counterproductive. What you actually need, I suspect, are not answers to your urgent questions, but rather, better questions; more precisely formulated questions; more ruthlessly honest questions. Dig deeper, please. Open wider. Think fatter.
I don't have answers, and I've learned that there are no simple truths. The world is not black and white: it's tie-dyed gray. But there's one thing I can do, and I'm doing it. I'm asking the ruthlessly honest questions. Why do you let these atrocities be carried out in your name? What would you give for a world without cruelty? How far are you willing to go?

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