Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Case of the Mondays.

One of my co-workers just teased me about being anemic because I don't eat meat. He's a good-natured guy, and even gave me dark chocolate.

I wasn't having it. I told him to shut up.

Bad, unhelpful vegan.


  1. Oh, I definitely get those "bad vegan" moments, too. There's only so much we can take sometimes! :)

  2. Don't be down on yourself. Meat eaters are always attacking vegans, because somewhere deep down inside, they know their choices are MEAN.

  3. That annoys me SO much. The diet most likely to be lacking in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is the omnivorous diet, especially the SAD diet.

    Okay, at least you got some chocolate out of the whole thing.