Friday, May 7, 2010

It’s Friday and this is not a real post.

Dearly beloveds, I’m sorry I’ve been such a flake. Work has been busy (it hasn’t really, but doesn’t it sound better if I say that?) and Mercury’s in a retrograde. Here’s a look at what I’ve been checking out lately:

  • The Humane League of Baltimore/Open the Cages Alliance participated in last weekend’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale! I drove my sweet ass down to the Station North Flea Market and bought chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, chocolate-chip cookies, cherry-cocoa-coconut cookies, and two muffins: strawberry (for Red, who’s never met a strawberry-flavored thing he didn’t like) and blueberry. Thanks, ladies!
  • Michael Vick’s back in Baltimore. (You mean he missed the warm welcome he received at the Ed Block Awards?) With the HSUS in tow, he discussed dogfighting with a bunch of juvenile offenders. Press weren’t allowed in on the talk, which bothers me and ramps up my skepticism. He also copped to attending a dogfight in my fair, broken city, which is sad but unsurprising. As a friend who’s active with B-More Dog pointed out in the comments, it’ll be interesting to see if any indictments come from that revelation. I’d love to see some local heads roll.
  • Sweet, ferocious Tasha of Voracious Vegan has been going hungry this week as part of her Souljourn to illuminate the causes and possible solutions (hint: more meat ain’t it) of the world hunger epidemic that victimizes 1.2 billion people. (Her entries are crossposted at Conducive Chronicle.) I can’t tell you what it’s like to be chronically hungry, but I can tell you that Tasha’s writing has made me think differently about the way I encounter my own incidental, and blessedly temporary, hunger.
Click, read, and pass it on. And be grateful this retrograde ends next week!


  1. Hell yes mercury is in retrograde. When I found that out last week I was like ooohhhhhh....that explains so much. We have had nothing but internet and communication problems. It's over soon, whew!

    Thanks SO much for posting about my souljourn, Shannon - you are seriously the best. I'm really glad it has made you think differently about food and hunger. I know it has been a real eye opener for me!

  2. Is it OUT of retrograde yet? because I still feel useless.
    Also thanks for the good comments as always!

  3. Mercury's supposed to turn itself around and go direct tomorrow, so we can kiss this craziness goodbye!