Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Launder my karma.*

So, on Saturday Red and I went to KarmaFest. You probably want to hear all about it, don’t you?

We left early, yoga mats in tow, because it was supposed to rain later in the day and we wanted to take advantage of all the free yoga that was promised. Because we are congenitally unable to be late for anything, no matter how hard we try, we got there as the gates opened. This made us feel lame because nothing ever happens for the first hour or two of a festival anyway, but there we were, early as ever.

We sat at a picnic table, and I took pictures of us. It is my mission in life to de-sensitize Red to having his photo taken.

Aren't we sexy?

Aaaaaaahhhhhh, it's too bright out here!

Doing our best dirty-hippie impressions.

No workshops were happening yet, so we strolled around (it was not a big setup) and browsed the vendor tents and tables. I bought a coin purse from a chill dude who ignored us and probably couldn’t have cared less if we bought anything, which is exactly how I like my vendors. Red was ecstatic because I’ve been walking around with a hole in my wallet for probably a year now, and he’s tired of watching me dig around in my purse for change.

Now, allow me to disclose a prejudice of sorts. As much as I liked being outside in the sunshine and on the grass, KarmaFest weirded me out a bit. I realize that I am kind of a contradiction in terms. I am very much the vegan, natural-living, yoga-practicing, tree-hugging pagan. Shit, I’ll even read tarot cards for you, if I like you. So for me to feel uncomfortable in a crowd of people offering Reiki and angel readings and magic water and shamanic journeys is surprising. I mean, I should feel the love, no? But the problem I have with things often labeled “holistic” or “New Age” is that they tend to attract the flakes: people who are ungrounded, confused, or just plain loopy as all hell. I get enough practice warding off wacky energy on a day-to-day basis, so to feel it in the midst of an otherwise chill place was unexpected. It shouldn’t have been, because I checked the website, but I was trying to be optimistic. Oh well. Bring on the cynical, bitter vegans and crank the Nirvana.

Boomtown Hoops, which was easily the highlight of the whole place.

[Also, oh my God, Crazy Flute Lady was there. I won’t identify her for real because it isn’t her fault that I have such an aversion to her. Crazy Flute Lady, I’m sorry I hate you so much. It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, it’s whoever asked you to play your flute at my friend’s funeral. You were just motherfucking horrible with that half-assed cover-that-wasn’t-really-a-cover of “Amazing Grace.” My friend rocked out to Springsteen and Weezer and Metallica and cool noisy shit like that, not airy-fairy Native American windsongs (or what urban white people think said songs should sound like). For many reasons, not least of all Crazy Flute Lady, that funeral ranks as the most surreal experience of my life.

So, um, needless to say, we left before she took the stage.]

It was almost time for Qi Gong, which neither Red nor I had ever tried before. Finally, we could do something! But first, we had to find the yoga “pavilion.” There was, you’ll surely be shocked to hear, no such place. There were two people at a picnic table, one of whom specialized in the kind of not-all-there vibe I mentioned a paragraph or two ago. He was very happy to see us once I mentioned that we were looking for the workshop, as we were his first students. I mentally stabbed myself in the head because now, he expected us to stay, and it was my fault. I was not at all into the idea of one-on-one instruction with this dude. Luckily, I no longer care about offending people, so I told him we’d be back for a later workshop. We fled back to our picnic table.


During the three or four hours we were there, I saw not one person do yoga. I felt a little cheated.

All hope of Downward Dog abandoned, we turned our attentions to something a little more guaranteed: food. If there’s one thing you can count on a bunch of hippies to deliver, it’s vegan noms. True to form, The Yabba Pot was there, slinging vegan soul food. As we chowed down, we decided that we might as well head on home. On our way out, I snagged a fantastic green smoothie from Under One Sun (please get a real website, because linking to MySpace makes me feel dirty). I hope York, Pennsylvania appreciates them, because it was delicious.

Queen’s Greens and Citrus Soul Ribz

Chick-un Pasta Salad

Smoothie goodness, with bonus flier for the Mother Earth Harvest Fair!

We came home, played with Lucy, then flopped onto the couch and watched The Wrestler. It broke my heart a little, and not only because I’m in mourning for Mickey Rourke’s original face.

Long story short: we started off the day with crunchy-assed granola goodness, and ended it by watching a brawny dude get the shit pounded out of him. And that, dearly beloveds, is the circle of life.

*First person to correctly identify the song gets praise for his or her excellent Googling skills.


  1. hahah- sounds EXACTLY like what an experience me and Andrew would have (good grammar eh?? lol).

    I know what you mean about the flakiness though... i'm with ya on being crunchy and stuff and then getting weirded out by these events.

    that's really too bad about the "no yoga" deal! but it sounds like you ended on a fantastic note (ps- LOVE the coin purse!)

  2. You are seriously one of my favorite bloggers to read. I'm sorry you guys didn't have a ton of fun at the festival, but I had a great time reading about it! (Is that any consolation?!)

  3. Oh I hear ya on the different levels of hippiedom you describe. I am "That Hippie Vegan Girl" to all my friends and family but that have no idea how deep that rabbit hole can really go.

    The idea of crazy flute lady is cracking me up. We have one of those up here except she's known as crazy boombox lady. Oh, and her boombox is invisible but darnitall, she feels that music and rocks it out.

    Great post! And sorry you didn't get to do any yoga...

  4. Also - I would love to interview you for P+S if you're willing. Can you email me at plateandsimple at me dot com to discuss further if this is something that strikes your fancy?


  5. Hold on! How did I miss this post!?!?! I'd been looking forward to it ever since you told me you were going to a hippie extravaganza.

    Hahaha, you sound like me. I'm as airy fairy as it gets. Tribal drum chanting? Sure. Dancing naked under the full moon? Yes please. Talking to tree spirits? Believe me, yes. But as soon as I get around other people who feel this way....I'm always disappointed. Isn't that silly?

    But honestly, they always seem WACKY and totally off. And...I probably seem that way to them. Hahahah!

    No yoga!?!?! What is this madness! I was hoping to hear of your transcendental downward dog marathon! I'm sorry you didn't get to ohhmm it up! But at least you did get to eat some yummy food. It all looks great, especially that pasta salad. I love a good pasta salad, I've got to make a batch soon.

    You and your lovah DO look gorgeous! I am lusting after your nose ring. I constantly debate whether or not to get one myself and I just can't make up my mind. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE the idea of a big fat ring in my nose...I'm just not sure if I can pull it off. And I have vicious allergies and I can't imagine sneezing and blowing my nose with sharp metal inside it.

  6. gah, I'm really late catching up on your blog, dear. lovely post, i think i would've had a lot of fun... ahem, making fun of the flakes. gotta love the flakes.

    p.s. lo-fi all-stars, Battle Flag. and no, I didn't google it. i have that album. somewhere. i think.