Wednesday, October 14, 2009

As Vegan MoFo turns….

I’m just not feeling very foody today. I ate leftover Sweet Potato Soup for lunch. I made the Tortilla Soup last night, but neither of us felt like soup, so we had leftovers. Plus, I think the Tortilla Soup will benefit from extra time to let its flavors mingle. Red had another 30-Minute Vegan masterpiece, Stellar Stuffed Mushrooms. (Though he added shredded mozzarella, which he reported was not his best idea.) The recipe is for a bunch of little mushrooms, like appetizers, but we used four gigantic portabellas instead. I had Papa John’s.

I know, right? For dinner, I had cold pizza and a glass of wine. It was a good deal, though. We ordered pizza this weekend because Papa John’s has some loopy football offer where you get a large pizza and two sodas for cheap. Well, they brought us our vegan pizza (onions, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes) and three sodas, for a grand total of $20 including tip. It was quite a pleasant change from Red’s original calculation. Finally, a reason to like football.

I think that might be it in the food department. I’m definitely looking forward to digging in to that Tortilla Soup later, though. Until then, I’ll be tempting myself with Kelly’s list of vegan Halloween treats!

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  1. Papa John's pizza isn't vegan. The thin crust has eggs and the original crust has animal enzymes.