Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I WILL cook tonight!

That's all, really. Tonight I think we're making 30-Minute Vegan's Mushroom-Onion Gravy and Quinoa Kitchari, with the gravy smothering Ye Olde Boca Burgers. The kitchari is like a very strange yet delicious version of mashed potatoes. Homey and comforting, perfect for a cold and rainy day.

I'm also very excited about Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan Brunch! It's not here yet, but it will be. Oh, yes. And when it is, I will go crazy all over Guacamole and Potato Tofu Omelets, Chocolate Beer Waffles (hell yes to beer for breakfast!), and Samosa Mashed Potato Pancakes. And then there is the whole baked-goods section. Hurry up, Amazon.


  1. Vegan Brunch is so awesome you are going to love it! I love the polenta rancheros and the sausages so much mmmm

  2. Thanks, lazysmurf! I can't wait to try it. Love your blog--your photos are gorgeous!