Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am a mushroom fiend. I speak, of course, of the perfectly legal and edible varieties that do not cause me to trip my face off. I’ve never done that kind, actually. If I did, I would probably tell you. No, my affection is reserved for plump portabellas, cute little creminis, and that humble-but-worthy standby, the white mushroom. Mushroom risotto, down-and-dirty stroganoff (so named because it involves packaged burger crumbles and Tofutti sour cream), and clam chowder where the clams are really oyster mushrooms: Mmmmmm.

Aside: I once saved my friend from alcohol poisoning through the use of mushrooms. She hates mushrooms, loathes them with an unholy ardor. The smell of mushrooms sautéing makes her nauseous. One evening, she came home rather drunk. Drunk enough to curl up on the bathroom floor and moan. Clearly, she needed to puke and go to bed. She knew it, too, but just couldn’t seem to manage. I’m not one for sticking my fingers down someone else’s throat, so I told her that I was going to cook some mushrooms. As I had hoped, the very idea made her spew rancid booze vomit. After a few rounds, she was recovered enough to stagger to bed, where I held her hand and smoothed her hair and told her she’d be fine in the morning.

So, anyway, Red and I made 30-Minute Vegan’s Stellar Stuffed Mushrooms the other night, using four big portabella caps. It was ridiculously easy: blend spinach, mushroom stems, green pepper, cream cheese, and spices, then plop into caps. (Stick blender represent!) Twenty minutes in the oven, and you’re good. Each of us only needed one, they were so big and satisfying. (Let’s see what Google searches this blog comes up under now!) They would definitely be a good appetizer using smaller mushrooms, which is what the recipe originally calls for, and the filling would be a delicious dip or spread.

My only gripes: portabella juice can make whatever it touches look kind of blah and muddy (hey, it’s a superpower) and while the rosemary was pleasant, I have issues with anything twig-like. Maybe I need fresh rosemary, as the dried version is very twiggy indeed. Or maybe I’m just sensitive about the whole, “Huh, do you eat, like, twigs and bark and stuff?” thing.

Portabella 'shroom photo ripped from What's Cooking America.


  1. I am addicted to shrooms as well. Thankfully now when I go to our parents place they always have multiple varieties of mushies instead of fake meat. I can't get enough...tonight is raw vegan mushie soup. YUM just wish I had some truffle oil....

    the buff tofu looks yummy, hope the hand is better!

  2. Thanks, Mandy! My mom kept trying to feed me sad-looking Boca burgers, but now stuffs a portabella cap with bruschetta and grills it for me. All the omnis are jealous! I keep wanting to splurge on truffle oil, but I just can't seem to do it yet.

    My hand is all better, thanks so much!

  3. Aren't portabellas the best? YUM! Your stuffed mushrooms sound awesome, I need to put that on my To Make list.

  4. Dude. I can't believe you told the mushroom story. I am even posting as ANONYMOUS so no one will know. Sigh. My one and only hangover was the aftermath. But thank you for holding my hair back. :)

  5. I know, I'm a terrible fucking friend. ;) You'll notice that I preserved your anonymity, though! P.S. Your hangover would have been wicked unbearable otherwise!