Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carob cookies!

Not for me, dear readers! Perish the thought. I’m a snobby chocolate-loving vegan who thinks carob is barely fit for human consumption, but Lucy sure loves it! This weekend, I made her carob biscuits from It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life. Since we had carob chips and the recipe called for powder, I threw the chips into the chopper to grind them up a bit. They didn’t get powdered very finely, but Lucy didn’t care.

Red and I brainstormed about how to get the maximum number of cookies out of our finite amount of dough. Making drop cookies works well, but they are often big and we end up breaking them into pieces. We don’t have very many cookie cutters, and those are big too. Then, I had an epiphany: shot glass. It worked like, well, like you might expect a shot glass to work, which was awesome. I hereby officially recommend the shot glass for cutting out dog biscuits, because you get a biscuit that is the perfect size for just about any dog. And if you have a bigger dog, like Lucy, you don’t need to feel bad when you sneak him or her a second one.

They look like mini chocolate-chip cookies!

And that is pretty much it! If you have a dog or love one, especially a vegan one, the recipes and tips at IAVDL are super-valuable. Thanks for another winner, Molly!

Can I have another cookie, mama?


  1. See, I have obviously not been hanging out here long enough because I saw this beautiful photo of Lucy and had to go back and read about her ears. How fucking AWFUL. Such a sweet little thing! She has one of those dog faces that makes me get all teared up and happy all at once, just totally overcome with emotion. Don't know how else to explain it, but damn she's gorgeous.

    Stories like yours make me really look forward to the time we have space to adopt a dog friend. I have my heart set on a rottweiler who can also serve as a kind of ambassador, you know? They're such amazing dogs and people are SO afraid of them. I wanna put a stop to that bullshit. Dogs are love.

  2. Oh, how inventive with the shot glass! I love it! The cookies look absolutely perfect and I'm so happy that Lucy likes them. :) Give her some hugs & belly rubs for me!

  3. Stopped over by way of Plate and Simple... Love your blog! Lucy is a cutie!


  4. I LOVE LUCY! She and Jack love each other already, even though they've never met. They even have the same coloring and the same wrinkly pittie block head. SMOOSHY KISS TIME!



    Those cookies look delicious for humans AND for dingos! I bet Lucy was a happy gal.

    Hahaha, carob is tasty, but definitely not worth of being compared to chocolate!

  5. Thank you all so much! Lucy thanks you for the virtual tummy rubs and kisses as well!

    kelly: shot glasses FTW!
    b: She is just the silliest, most loving beast. I know you will be an incredible rottie mama when the time is right.
    VDL: All credit is due to you and the girls for the yummy recipe!
    Megan: Welcome! Feel free to suggest ideas. I hope you stick around!
    VV: AAAAHHHHHH international doggie romance! I shall have to tell Lucy that she has a suitor.