Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plate+Simple interviews the Burnout!

Dearly beloveds,

Normally I wouldn't tell you to navigate away from Burnout Central here, but you simply must venture over to Plate+Simple and read the interview that Hilary was kind enough to do with me! I've never done an interview before, but it was so much fun and Hilary asked such thoughtful questions. Plate+Simple is a lovely blog, filled with yummy recipes, positive energy, and pictures of the cutest child ever born (that is, until Red and I spawn, but for the time being, Maya's supreme cuteness is unchallenged). I'm truly honored to be featured on such a cool site, and I hope you all enjoy the interview!



  1. Great interview, VB, but, um, have you seen my son? (Kidding!)

  2. LOVED the interview!! :)

    (ps- thank you very much for the shout-out! How IS your yoga practice coming anyways?)

  3. Forgive me, Marla--I hereby declare that all vegan children are equal in their utter adorableness! :)

    Eco Yogini--It's going well! Classes 2-4 times a week, practicing at home when I can drag myself to the basement. My instructor asked again when I'll do YTT--I told him to give me a break, I've only been practicing regularly for less than a year!

  4. Yes ma'am! Headed over their now! :-)

  5. Such a great interview!

    Re: your "policy of not feeding the trolls, ever," I think I'll adopt that now. (I don't have a problem on my blog, but I've been writing elsewhere and it's been an issue.) Thanks!