Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who’s my pretty girl?

Lucy is, of course! Naturally, she’s gorgeous, but when the time came for us to buy her a new collar, we wanted one that was as sassy as she is. The collar that she came to us with is still serviceable, but it’s plain and at 1” wide, a little skinny for her big, blocky pittie head and thick neck. Thanks to rave reviews from It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life, I had been longingly browsing K9 Closet for some time. Recently, Red and I finally decided on a collar. Lucy is now the proud owner of a sparkly red Hot Rod collar, which, as you can see, looks fabulous on her. At 2” wide, it fits her better too. It’s a martingale combo, which means it has both a martingale loop (in case we ever need to clip her leash on immediately and don’t have time for her harness) and a side-release buckle for easy removal. The best of both worlds! I was a little concerned that a collar made of vinyl might be on the stiff side, but Lucy is pleased to report that after a day or two, the vinyl softened right up and is very flexible. It’s lined in satin for extra comfort.

Then, to make things even snazzier in the collar department, It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life offered a collar flower giveaway! Now, my girl is not exactly the dainty floral type, but these flowers were so adorable I had to ask Molly to send us one. I chose rainbow, because really, what is better than rainbows?

Good dog, bad photo.

The giveaway also included this cute sticker, which will soon grace the bumper of my car.

You have no idea how much I need this reminder.

From nom-worthy recipes to fashionable accoutrements, It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life has ensured that Lucy will be well fed and glamorous. Thanks again, Molly!


  1. Aw, Lucy is quite pretty! <3 I adore the hot rod collars and think you made a perfect choice for her. Along with the flower, Lucy is stylin'! I wasn't aware that they made a martingale combo & am loving that. Definitely the best of both worlds!

    Thanks so much for the awesome post, Shannon. You're the best! Give Lucy some love for me. :)

  2. Awww, so pretty! I love the flower!

  3. "Wag More, Bark Less"

    I LOOOOOVE this sentiment.

    And that collar is awesome.

  4. LUCY IS THE PRETTIEST! We have to arrange an international play date because her and Jack and destined to be soul mates, I just know it. And with her stunning new collar, she is just too gorgeous!

    Wag More, Bark Less. Oh I need to hear that more often, for sure. My bite is even worse than my bark and my tail wagging skills are non-existent. I need to learn a few things from our laid back mutts.

  5. Hot Rod collar = win. It looks really good on her, makes me think I should have ordered a 2" for Wyatt.

  6. Lucy is beautiful! If only my dogs would wag more and bark less. I have 2 bichons, one of whom thinks he is bigger than Lucy. His name is Napoleon.