Friday, June 4, 2010

Transatlantic vegan lunch date.

I typically spend a portion of my day hanging out on the PPK. It is, in my humble opinion, the best forum there is: friendly, funny, active, and with a nearly nonexistent troll population. And, of course, it’s vegan. When Hannah posted that she and her partner would be coming over from England to do a little tour of the East Coast, I was delighted to learn that one of their stops was Baltimore. Seriously, no one comes here. Everyone skips us in favor of D.C., Philly, or New York (incidentally, those were Hannah’s other stops). Those cities are wonderful, and they have clearly figured out how to market themselves in ways that Baltimore hasn’t. So, I suppose, more power to them. Either that, or people really do think it’s like The Wire here. Which, of course, it is in places. Every city is like that in places. (Also, seriously, did none of you clutching your pearls over The Wire watch Homicide: Life on the Street?)

Ahem. Red and I made plans to meet up for lunch with Hannah and Linnea, another PPKer and Baltimoron. On a typically balmy late-spring day—so, it was probably nearing 90°F—we met at Hannah’s hotel and walked up the street to Donna’s. (Hannah’s partner was passing the time at Maryland DeathFest, and to him I say: Stay metal, my friend.) I was jonesing for an iced coffee, so Donna’s hit the spot. So, mercifully, did the air conditioning. Donna’s is quite vegan-friendly, and when the waitress realized she had a table of three vegans and a vegetarian, she promised to make sure the kitchen knew of our needs. I didn’t take a picture of my veggie wrap for you, because you know what they look like, but everything was delicious.

Hannah, sweetheart that she is, brought us a gift of the yummiest vegan chocolate caramels. I am not a particular fan of either caramel or milk chocolate, but these Choices have changed my mind. The best part? Hannah told us you can find these babies in regular grocery stores in the UK! Vegan candy, represent!

Look! It says “vegan” right on the package!

We had a great time and it was so refreshing to be among vegans. Thanks for a lovely lunch, ladies!

That’s me, Hannah, and Linnea after our PPK lunch summit.


  1. Fun! I'm Pro-Choice, get me some of that chocolateeee!

  2. Hahaha, I love it. Takes pro-choice to a whole new level. I'm not only pro-choice, but VERY pro-chocolate so send some of those beauties my way. If Hannah ever needs to visit the balmy lands of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, she has some vegans who will show her around...provided she comes bearing tasty vegan treats, of course! ;-)

    I like how you point out it says vegan right on the label. When I see that I buy it, no matter what, even if I don't particularly need it. I just love spending my money to support a product that proudly declares itself vegan!

    I've never been on the PPK forum but you make it sound awesome. Oh no...and I getting sucked into yet another social site? I'm already addicted to so many...don't do this to me Shannon!

    By the by, I LOVE your shirt! It is absolutely lovely and one of my favorite colors! Oh la la!

  3. Sounds like a lovely lunch with some lovely ladies! And those chocolate caramels? DO WANT.

  4. Oh hurrah for dairy free chocolates!!! So rare in the UK (especially for them to taste good too). I wish I could get them here.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes :)